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[English] Kumpulan Kalimat Bijak Yang Terkenal (Part 1)

Febio Rabu, 22 September 2010 ,
Today I will share you something that I get from my Oxford dictionary. They are sayings and proverbs. Below is a list of well known sayings and proverbs: fixed phrases or sentences that give advice or say something that is generally true. Sometimes a speaker will leave out part of sentence because it is so well known. Because there are many sentences, I will divide it become some parts in this blog. Read this article and keep enjoy at Infokabayan

1. Absence makes the heart grow finder
    Explanation from InfoKabayan: used to say that when you are away from somebody that you love, you love them even more

2. There's no accounting for taste
    Explanation from InfoKabayan: used to say how difficult it is to understand why somebody like somebody/something that you do not like at all

3. Actions speak louder that words
    Explanation from InfoKabayan: what a person actually does means more than what they say they will do

4. It'll be all right on the night
    Explanation from InfoKabayan: used to say that a performance, an event, etc. will be succesfull even if the preparations for it have not gone well

5. The apple doesn't fall/never fails far from the tree
     Explanation from InfoKabayan: a child usually behaves in a similar way to his/her parant(s)

6. If you can't beat them, join them
    Explanation from InfoKabayan: if you cannot defeat somebody or be as succesfull as they are, then it is more sensible to join them in what they are doing and perhaps get some advantage for youself by doing so

7. Beauty is in the eye of beholder
    Explanation from InfoKabayan: people all have different ideas about what is beautiful

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